Bush Ball 2019

The weekend started with lots of sleepy looking sleepy looking trampers waiting in a cold UCSA parking lot wondering where the trip leader was. Well, I was halfway across Ilam fields working up quite a sweat trying to carry 40 L of goon in two slippery plastic bags, cursing at myself that I had not … Continue reading Bush Ball 2019

Freshers 2019

By Lexi Richards Showing up to the UCSA carpark marked the start of our 2019 Freshers journey. A slow start at that, we made our way to Culverden where I couldn’t help myself from buying a pie from the local bakery. I held up the cue for a while trying to decide between a mince … Continue reading Freshers 2019

How to write a TROG

You may have heard people yarning on about Trogs, you may have been nagged to write one and might not even know what a TROG is! Trog stands for Trip Log, a story about your tramping club trip adventure! We collect these up over the year and put them into a book which is printed … Continue reading How to write a TROG