CUTC helps the Middelmost Mudfish Project

25 February 2018: Sabrina, Maxime, Isaura, Edoardo, Bettina, Angus, Jozef & Steven Club Environmental Officer Sabrina, along with seven other CUTC-ers headed out near Oxford to help plant over 250 native shrubs in a wetland area—an important spawning habitat for the threatened Canterbury mudfish. Check out the time-lapse below! Environmental trips are often free to … Continue reading CUTC helps the Middelmost Mudfish Project

Slushy Snowcraft

A winter wonderland, indeed. I have never been over Porters Pass before with snow down to the road level. Fresh powdery snow covered literally everything, which is an absolute paradise for the skiing but not so much for the driving and tramping lot. Goodness knows what could have happened up that access road to the Broken River Skifield with those rented vans had the trailers still been attached. Continue reading “Slushy Snowcraft”