CUTC helps the Middelmost Mudfish Project

25 February 2018: Sabrina, Maxime, Isaura, Edoardo, Bettina, Angus, Jozef & Steven Club Environmental Officer Sabrina, along with seven other CUTC-ers headed out near Oxford to help plant over 250 native shrubs in a wetland area—an important spawning habitat for the threatened Canterbury mudfish. Check out the time-lapse below! Environmental trips are often free to … Continue reading CUTC helps the Middelmost Mudfish Project

Worsley Biv

23-24th September 2017 By Kerry Clapham Participants: Kerry Clapham, Andre Le Lievre, Ruth McKie With one week to go before consortium applications closed, we were made aware of Worsley Biv.  A bit of Thursday / Friday night banter and Andre, Ruth and I somehow managed to talk ourselves into a quick 20km bike ride followed … Continue reading Worsley Biv

Ben More

Saturday 19th August 2017 Written by Ruth McKie Participants: Kerry Clapham, Robert Philips, Logan Shaw, Adrian Meier, Arman Haddadchi, Rasool Porhemmat, Elna Sahlman, Cole Lysgaard, Maxime Savoie, Patrick Ochudlo, Ruth McKie Snowcarft had been cancelled for the second week in a row but the threat of bad weather wasn’t enough to stop us making the most … Continue reading Ben More