A Forgotten Bean Salad and a Wild Goose Chase

Participants: Roseanna Gamlen-Greene, Simon Litchwark, James Litchwark, Alyssa Cirtwill, Katie Bowron, Anna Litchwark, Marine Aubert, Kate Wootton

Author: Roseanna Gamlen-Greene

Geese Beware,
of Hungry Trampers I’d Stay Clear!

A group of trampers – on the loose,
Saw an unsuspecting goose
Remembering they forgot their dinner,
They hoped she had some good meat in her.
So by means more foul than fair,
They sought to lure her from her lair. Continue reading “A Forgotten Bean Salad and a Wild Goose Chase”

Lake Man and hot pools!

Participants: Tobi Wulff, Charlotte Stephen-Brownie, Enda Walsh, Sam Stephenson, Eva Knop, Euan Cox, Alex Ross, Kate Wootton

Author: Kate Wootton

A long weekend! And long weekends MUST be used. Show weekend was fast approaching, but once again the weather caused us to change our original plans (it seems that a pretty sure-fire way to get it to rain on the West Coast is to plan a trip there). However between my not having internet at home and Enda’s working during the day, it took us a while to get things together, but get it we did! By jumping aboard Tobi and Charlotte’s well planned trip 🙂 So what began as a trip of the two of them quickly turned into a trip of 8….

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Peache Pass in the mist

Participants: Andrew Thorson, Ali Woller, Sandeep Siwach, Katie Bowron, Kate Wootton, Simon Litchwark, Chris Sillars

Author: Kate Wootton

There were only three of us interested in an overnight trip at the Wednesday meeting, and the weather was terrible. We tossed around a few ideas, kind of settled on Three Creeks Hut, and then went home and got an email from Alex saying he had a group project to work on and couldn’t come after all. Down to two. I considered bailing too, but knew Andrew wanted to make the most of every remaining weekend in NZ, and having been in that situation myself, I didn’t want to let him down!

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