Climbing Huayna Potosi

Participants: Brian Thorne & Sarah Whitty

Author: Brian Thorne

One of the biggest adventures on our South American holiday was climbing the 6080 meter high peak Huayna Potosi. This impressive peak overlooks La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia. Many of the tourism companies offer guided trips up the mountain. We were walking around on our last day in La Paz, we hadn’t quite made up our mind whether to take a one way bus trip to Lake Titicaca or to try climb this formidable looking peak. After calling in on many of the operators we selected an operator who was busy prepping a young group of English speaking tourists. We convinced him to add an extra guide and to take the two of us in one hour! The charge was only 950 Bolivians per person (around $170 NZD) for three days including food, transport and accommodation.

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A Forgotten Bean Salad and a Wild Goose Chase

Participants: Roseanna Gamlen-Greene, Simon Litchwark, James Litchwark, Alyssa Cirtwill, Katie Bowron, Anna Litchwark, Marine Aubert, Kate Wootton

Author: Roseanna Gamlen-Greene

Geese Beware,
of Hungry Trampers I’d Stay Clear!

A group of trampers – on the loose,
Saw an unsuspecting goose
Remembering they forgot their dinner,
They hoped she had some good meat in her.
So by means more foul than fair,
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