Sitting out the rain at Woolshed

Participants: Tania Seward, Sarah Inglewood, Mark Brinsden, Rachael Horner, Jeff Ducrot, Anna Larsson, Sam Stephenson, Kate Wootton, Zach Byrne, Jono Dobbs

Dates: 24th – 25th May

Author: Anna Larsson

Photos: Tania Seward

The weather was going to be terrible. The originally scheduled snowcraft session was cancelled, Arthurs Pass was blocked by a rain-fuelled landslide and the forecast said gale force winds and snow down to 800 meters. Plans were suggested and discarded over e-mail, with a river crossing here or an exposed campsite there making most things risky. The ten brave souls who actually showed up in the UCSA carpark on Saturday morning had no idea where the trip was going to take them, or if they would make it back alive.
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Mt Oates Traverse

Alastair McDowell (scribe), Elisha Nuttall
Date: 20th February 2014
Dawn on Temple Col. The eastern peaks of Arthur’s Pass sketched out the horizon in black against the morning glow rising over Christchurch. It was midweek and most were still enjoying their last hours of sleep before heading to work; we should have been too. But today Elisha and I were up at 4 and on the crest of the Main Divide by 6, primed and ready for a full day of exciting ridge-line negotiations and some stupendous scrambling. Work could wait for another day…
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10 reasons to go tramping with Jeff

Author: Tania Seward

Dates: 22-23 March

1. You get to travel in super-comfy vans

When committee organises trips, people usually end up travelling in cars or the crusty old hire vans. When you go tramping with Jeff, you travel in the extraordinary comfort offered by a 2.4 litre Toyota Estima, complete with reclining microfiber-covered seats and doors on both sides. We had two of them, in matching colours. Fancy.

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Alexander the Great

We set out Friday evening, crossing Arthurs Pass as the sun set, our destination, Mount Alexander. I’d first set eyes on the mountain from nearby Mount Pfeiffer the previous August and had been trying to climb it ever since. Finally the chance arose, perfect weather on the West Coast and myself, Sam, Kate and Chris set off to climb Alexander and experience the legendary bathtub of Camp Creek Hut (And how we did!). We opted to walk in to the Hut Friday night so we’d have plenty of time on Saturday to climb the mountain and get the bathtub going that night before walking out on Sunday.

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