Yeats Ridge

2nd – 3rd July By Zoë Marshall-Means How good is solo tramping? Really feeling the serenity, time with your thoughts, the niggling feeling that you’re going the wrong way, the knowledge that they’ll never find your body here, wondering if Shaun would cry at your funeral, would they even have a funeral without a body? … Continue reading Yeats Ridge

East Hawdon Biv

31st May – 1st June By Zoë Marshall-Means Participants: Zoë Marshall-Means and Max Truell I’ve made an incredible discovery, I was planning a tramp to a random little biv to get out of the city for the weekend, and instead Max and I found the coldest river valley in the entire world. I’m not kidding. … Continue reading East Hawdon Biv


3rd – 4th February By Zoë Marshall-Means What a start to the year. I decided to ditch my mates at Electric Ave at midnight the night before (dick move, I know), in order to go on Freshers. I messaged Hovey at 2am, informing him that I was coming, packed by 3, got Max to share … Continue reading Freshers!